This is the one sentence I always get to hear. No matter what the differences are between me and my mom, we are best friends from heart. My mom is my biggest inspiration, and to be honest, she is a fan of my work. So, to all the angels like me out there, happy daughter’s day. No, no, no, don’t mistake me!! This wish is from all the parents out there!! 
Being a daughter myself, I have noticed how everyone react to daughters, some parents pamper their daughters, some consider them no less than sons, and some orthodox parents consider their daughters as a bad luck. I know we live in the 21st century and it’s hard to find the third category but trust me, they still exist.
Just almost a week ago, I read an article where a man slit his wife’s belly open to check for the gender of the child being born. He did it because he was tired of having 3 daughters already and wanted a son to make his life better. Like seriously, what is wrong with him? Not only him, but old schooled people like him??
This is not a very rare incident. I read about such cases at least 3 times a week, and it makes me question why is there such a need for gender inequality? Why are men considered to have a higher rank? Why are people hesitant to give birth to daughters?

Why many Indians prefer sons over daughters??
This obsession with sons has led Indians to resort to female feticide on a massive scale. They also provide better nutrition and medical care for boys than girls, and indulge in a host of other practices that discriminate against girls. Even in this day and age, families openly celebrate the birth of a son, while the birth of a daughter is not always greeted in the same manner.

Despite numerous campaigns and popular slogans over the years, the fondness for sons remains strong among Indian parents. Many of them continue to see boys as an investment and girls a liability. 
Girls are unwanted, males only?
A plethora of social, cultural and economic factors contribute to this trend. A boy is widely viewed as an asset; a future breadwinner and caregiver who will look after his parents when they become old. A girl, on the other hand, is seen as a liability, as parents are often pressured to pay dowries when their daughters marry.
Did you know that every 50 seconds a parent in India kills their daughter??
This is wildly insane!! The damage made by our ancestors and the society is beyond repair.
Although, there are few people stepping forward to promote feminism, on the contrary, they are reluctant to apply it to their own surrounding. We have seen many issues where the female is slapped with false accusations when the person who should be guilty of charge is treated as a victim to prey.

Women are exaggerated to be weak – both mentally and physically. But Science that shows women are stronger than men. Robustness, toughness or pure power – whatever it’s called – this survival ability cracks apart the stereotype. The physically strong woman is almost a myth. We gaze upon great female athletes as though they’re other-worldly creatures. Greek legend could only imagine the Amazons, female warriors as powerful as men. They break the laws of nature. No, we everyday women, we have just half the upper body strength of men. We are six inches shorter, depending on where we live. We wield power, but it’s emotional and intellectual, we tell ourselves. It’s not in our bodies.
This doesn’t mean that women can be treated differently than men. Its high time we raise our voice on gender equality and make this world a better place for the upcoming generations. It not only implies on educating your daughter specifically, but also the men in your home to start treating them as equals.

Currently only 27% of Indian women work, 16 points lesser than in 1993. The only country where it’s worse is Saudi Arabia! Even though we can’t reverse that trend immediately, we need to arrest the decline. Remember, the next generation is going to learn by observing us just like we did with our parents. Let’s set better examples and showcase role models that truly bring gender equality through simple daily routine. That’s how you raise feminist sons. It will go a long way in bringing women back to workforce.

Once again wishing all the princess out there “HAPPY DAUGHTERS DAY”.

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