Yes you heard it right. Just because of a single hackathon, my life changed for the good. I was just a normal engineering student in my first year of engineering course until I came across the word ‘hackathon’. Prior to this I had no knowledge of what is a hackathon, but once the opportunity knocked my door I didn’t hesitate to take the risk of participating along with my other team members.

So this is about a hackathon conducted by ‘IBM’ where we achieved 30th position nationwide. This was like a dream come true for me. Not only this helped me make my dreams come true but also opened various kinds of new ideas in front of me. It helped me gain new confidence in the society of technology. Also, it helped me develop contacts and meet new people in the circle of technology. The kind of exposure to newer technologies I am experiencing right now is something I haven’t experienced ever before.

Gaining this precious knowledge post national hackathon, I and my team now are proud founders of our very own start-up company that is called as AAAI INFOTECH.

With the help of our already existing knowledge and the knowledge gained post national hackathon, we are constantly in the process of taking our start-up to greater heights. I hope and wish that you guys will hear about me and our start-up grow in the near future, and I will surely keep you posted.

Thank you

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