Ever been plagued by the above question ? Maybe you have a friend who needs help regarding this, maybe you’ve made up your mind and just want to make sure it’s the right choice or maybe you’re a business major who just wants to know. No matter your reasons, here are some things you should consider before making a decision.
First off, let’s get the basics right. Web development is (in simpler terms at least) creating anything you see on the web which includes but is not limited to websites. At first you may think “Oh, creating websites is a simpler task” but that is far from the truth in a professional web developer’s book. One has to understand how data can be linked
from places, how it should be received, what elements make a user want to stay and a plethora of other things.
Data science gives us a clearer clue of what it is in its name (how kind of it), in simple terms – it deals with the science of data. Data scientists gather data about users or products and figure out how to better engage them or make them more engaging. There is plenty of data out there to collect, but making sense of it is a more difficult task then just collecting it which is where they come in.
Note: Neither of the aforementioned fields are limited to the functions described along with them.
Alright, now that we’ve more or less established what is done in the above fields and more importantly that neither of them are particularly easy, let us continue onto which one is for you …and yes neither field can be called better than the other as both of them are very much essential in the tech world.
If you’re the kind of person who loves statistics and algebra, is good at them or just prefers them over the other options, data science could very well be a field you find satisfaction in. Of course these are not the only tools you will be expected to use. Python and R are considered as the most widely used languages and you will also be expected to learn various frameworks and database management tools such as MYSQL, Pandas, Numpy …just to name a few.
Or maybe you don’t like math that much or to the extent of wanting to pursue a career which hinges on it’s advanced topic. Say you’re more of an experience person and loves to see the fruits of his/her labour before their eyes much faster. Web development could very well be what you’re after. Knowledge of the basic structure of a web page is required which means proficiency in html, css and javascript to begin with. Tools like
bootstrap, react, angular, nodeJS will be your best friends should you choose to work with them. You could even choose to work on one end of the spectrum i.e the front-end or the back-end which are both very different but equally essential parts of an overall product.
In conclusion, neither field really trumps the other and with the right amount of hard-work and perseverance, you will find profound success in either of them.

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